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    Project Case Study

    Next, the prominent British fashion retailer, teamed up with Spark Lab to revolutionise their e-commerce makeup shopping experience with a cutting-edge Web AR virtual makeup try-on tool. Powered by advanced AR technology, this innovative solution allowed users to try on hundreds of thousands of makeup products directly from their mobile devices using AR face filters.

    Customers could simply aim their phone cameras at their faces to see how different makeup products, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, and foundations, would look on them in real-time. This interactive and engaging tool enhanced the online shopping experience, providing a personalised touch that helped users make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, the fully integrated e-commerce solution enabled users to purchase their selected products directly through the platform.

    This Web AR makeup try-on tool not only improved customer satisfaction but also showcased Next's commitment to embracing advanced technology to enhance their online retail offerings. By leveraging virtual makeup try-on and AR face filters, Next provided a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, setting a new standard in the fashion and beauty industry.