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    Project Case Study

    Lenovo, a leader in innovative technology solutions, partnered with Spark Lab to launch an immersive Web AR experience for their latest ThinkPad Z series. This cutting-edge AR initiative allowed customers to explore the ThinkPad Z’s features and capabilities in a highly interactive manner, directly from their mobile devices.

    By leveraging advanced Web AR technology powered by 8th Wall, Spark Lab created an engaging platform where users could visualise and interact with the ThinkPad Z in 3D. Customers could examine the laptop’s sleek design, discover its powerful functionalities, and view detailed specifications through an immersive AR experience. This interactive approach provided a comprehensive understanding of the product, enhancing the online shopping experience.

    The Web AR experience not only highlighted Lenovo’s commitment to innovation but also demonstrated how AR technology can elevate product marketing and customer engagement. By offering this unique virtual interaction, Lenovo enabled customers to make informed purchasing decisions and connect with the ThinkPad Z series in a memorable and engaging way.