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    Louis Vuitton

    Project Case Study

    Louis Vuitton (the iconic luxury fashion brand) and the Atlantis Royal Hotel Dubai (The World's most luxurious resort), collaborated with Spark Lab to create an extraordinary Web AR experience for their takeover at Atlantis Royal. Utilising the cutting-edge 8th Wall Niantic's Lightship platform, Spark Lab developed an immersive Web AR solution that allowed guests to explore exclusive Louis Vuitton collections in a dynamic and interactive way. By scanning a QR code, visitors could access the Web AR experience on their mobile devices, bringing the fashion pieces to life with augmented reality visuals and interactive elements. This innovative use of Web AR technology not only captivated guests but also enhanced their engagement with the brand, showcasing Louis Vuitton's commitment to blending luxury with advanced technological experiences. The project highlighted the brand's dedication to providing memorable and immersive experiences for their audience. Like to know more? Simply click the "get in touch" button below.