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    Project Case Study

    Disney, a pioneer in entertainment and technology, collaborated with Spark Lab to introduce an innovative Web AR solution showcasing their latest Smart Watch designed for kids. This cutting-edge augmented reality experience leverages web-based technology to demonstrate the watch’s extensive features, including a camera, activity tracker, and more.

    Powered by advanced Web AR technology, the experience allows users to interactively explore the Smart Watch’s functionalities. Users can engage with demonstrations of its camera capabilities, track activities, and delve into an exploded view to visualise the internal workings of the watch. Each interaction is personalised with beloved characters from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel, adding a touch of magic and familiarity to the experience.

    Spark Lab’s expertise in AR integration has transformed the Smart Watch showcase into an immersive journey, where children and parents alike can discover the watch’s capabilities in a playful and informative manner. By combining innovative technology with beloved Disney characters, this Web AR solution aims to enrich the user experience and demonstrate the watch’s educational and entertainment value.

    This collaboration underscores Disney’s commitment to blending storytelling with cutting-edge technology, providing families with an engaging and magical introduction to their latest Smart Watch for kids.