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    Marlboro Redland

    Project Case Study

    Marlboro, a global leader in tobacco products, partnered with Spark Lab to launch an immersive multi-platform experience that engaged users in thrilling racing adventures across desert landscapes. Leveraging Virtual Reality (VR) on Meta Quest 3, Augmented Reality (AR), and Web GL technologies, Spark Lab created a dynamic platform where users could race 4x4 vehicles, motorcycles, and hot air balloons through customisable desert courses.

    The experience included a groundbreaking feature using generative AI, allowing users to design bespoke racing courses that were dynamically generated based on their preferences. This innovative approach was rolled out globally, enhancing Marlboro's brand presence and offering users an interactive and memorable adventure while showcasing the versatility of VR, AR, and Web GL technologies.

    This project demonstrated Marlboro's commitment to innovation and immersive digital experiences, providing a unique and engaging platform that captivated users worldwide. Like to know more? Simply click the "get in touch" button below.