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    BAM Nuttall

    BAM Nuttal VR HSE Trainer (VR) HSE training features experience/ Advanced CGI Modelling and Animation / Render and VR showcase

    Spark transformed BAM Nuttall's Health & Safety training with a pioneering VR experience, turning essential safety education into an engaging, highly interactive session. This innovative training tool, featuring a Manitou forklift in a lifelike game environment, has not only captivated BAM's site workers and machine operators but also significantly reduced training costs and time away from the site. The immersive VR experience, complete with super high-definition graphics and realistic physics, has boosted operator awareness and safety compliance, demonstrating a considerable return on investment. Spark's ability to revitalize training methods underscores their role as a trusted leader in delivering effective and efficient digital training solutions. Like to know more? Simply click the "get in touch" button below.