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    Project Case Study

    Signode, a global leader in packaging solutions, partnered with Spark Lab to create a cutting-edge WebGL virtual showroom experience that showcases their extensive product range. This innovative digital platform allows customers to explore Signode's products in a highly interactive and immersive environment from the comfort of their desktop.

    The virtual showroom features detailed 3D models of Signode's products, enabling customers to view all accessories and features up close. Additionally, an integrated Augmented Reality (AR) version allows users to visualise Signode products in situ, facilitating factory floor design and planning with real-time AR overlays.

    This dual-mode experience not only enhances customer engagement but also demonstrates Signode's commitment to leveraging advanced digital technologies to provide comprehensive and convenient solutions for their clients. By offering both WebGL and AR capabilities, Signode ensures that customers can thoroughly explore and plan their packaging solutions in a dynamic and informative manner.