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    Mobil 1

    Project Case Study

    Mobil 1, a leading brand in synthetic motor oils, celebrated its 50th anniversary by partnering with Spark Lab to create an immersive metaverse experience on the Spatial platform. This groundbreaking initiative allowed users to delve into Mobil 1's rich history and technological innovations through a virtual showroom.

    Participants could explore interactive exhibits showcasing milestones from Mobil 1's journey, including its impact on automotive performance and reliability. A highlight of the experience was a captivating game where users could enter a virtual engine, witnessing firsthand the transformative effects of Mobil 1 oil on engine performance.

    This metaverse experience not only celebrated Mobil 1's legacy of excellence but also demonstrated their commitment to engaging audiences in a dynamic and educational manner. It exemplified how innovative digital platforms can bring brand stories to life and connect with consumers on a deeper level during milestone celebrations. Like to know more? Simply click the "get in touch" button below.