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    Project Case Study

    Mondelez partnered with Spark Lab to create a unique AR gifting solution for Toblerone, revolutionising the way customers express their love and appreciation. This innovative AR experience allowed customers to create personalised Augmented Reality messages for their loved ones, which could be viewed by simply scanning the Toblerone packaging with a mobile phone.

    The AR gifting solution transformed ordinary chocolate gifts into memorable, interactive experiences. By leveraging advanced AR technology, Spark Lab enabled customers to record heartfelt messages, customise visual effects, and share these special moments with friends and family. When recipients scanned the Toblerone packaging, the AR message came to life, adding a personal and engaging touch to their gift.

    This AR gifting initiative not only enhanced the gifting experience but also highlighted Mondelez's commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology into their products. By offering an interactive and personalised gifting option, Toblerone strengthened its connection with consumers and set a new standard for AR gifting solutions.