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    Project Case Study

    Michelin Tyres launched an innovative global initiative as part of their "Month in Motion" campaign, collaborating with Spark Lab to create an interactive website experience. This platform empowered users to upload photos of their cars or bikes, which were then transformed using advanced AI technology. The custom AI platform replaced the background with iconic racing settings, allowing users to immerse themselves in dynamic and thrilling environments.

    Users could personalize their images further by using prompts to adjust various elements, enhancing the customization and making each image unique. This initiative not only showcased Michelin's commitment to innovation but also engaged automotive enthusiasts worldwide in a creative and interactive way.

    The project highlighted Michelin's leadership in leveraging technology to enhance user engagement and promote their brand during the "Month in Motion" campaign, demonstrating how digital experiences can connect with audiences on a global scale. Like to know more? Simply click the "get in touch" button below.